Youth for Aarey!


Have you ever wished for a space to get away from all the noise and pollution of the city?


What is Youth for Aarey?

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors — we borrow it from our children."

- Wendell Berry 

Youth for Aarey is a platform for students by students - to amplify young voices around the conservation and protection of Aarey Milk Colony.

As future generations live with the consequences of climate change & our developmental policies & actions, it is imperative that the youth have an equal say in what happens to the last remaining green spaces in our city.

Here, students can post blogs, share videos, lead inter-school campaigns, understand how to connect with their local governing body, organize events, connect with local adivasis from Aarey and whatever else they can think of.  


Why does Aarey matter?

The Movement

Time's running out

Everyday we don't speak up is precious time lost. 


Supported by the concerned citizens for Aarey and Academy for Earth Sustainability. Students are encouraged to contact us and see how you can get involved in the movement. 



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